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Doctor and Patient

Restorative Healthcare

The power to Heal, the power to Restore. 

One Goal, One Passion: Healthcare made with YOU in mind

At Restorative Health we are committed to providing prompt, flexible and personalized care without the burden of traditional appointments. We believe in taking the hassle out of health care with a sensible approach. We work with you and provide quality health care tailored to your needs.


Tanika Williams

Tanika Williams has a long history of being dedicated to selfless service - she honorably served in the United States Military and is a proud U.S ARMY veteran. Click below to learn more.




Physical/Personal Attendance

Physicals, Wellness Screenings, IV Nutrient Therapy, Inner Beauty Care, & Much More.

Common/Minor Illnesses

Allergies, Colds, Infections, Cold Symptoms, Bites, Rash, Nausea, & Much More.

Preventative Treatments

OR Chronic Condition Management | Smoking, Obesity, Med Refills.




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