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Our Mission

At Restorative Health, we are committed to providing prompt, flexible and personalized care without the burden of traditional appointments. We believe in taking the hassle out of health care with a sensible approach. We work with you and provide quality health care tailored to your needs.
Tanika Williams dual board-certified Adult & Gerontology Primary Care Nurse practitioner and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She has 9 years’ experience as an Advanced Practitioner and 18 years as a registered nurse. 


Meet Tanika Williams

Dr. Tanika S. Williams DNP, PMHNP BC, AGPCNP BC | Advanced Practice RN Practitioner | Founder & CEO

Tanika Williams has a long history of being dedicated to selfless service, she honorably served in the United States Military and is a proud U.S ARMY Veteran. Afterwards she began pursuing her career in nursing. She earned an Associate Degree in Nursing at Central Texas College, and after several years of experience her desire for professional and personal growth inspired her to go on and obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington, Master’s Degree in Nursing at Maryville University with a focus in Adult & Gerontology Primary Care. While working in primary care she gained valuable knowledge about acute and complex chronic disease management while empowering patients to take control of their health. It became evident after working in healthcare over the years that physical health has a huge impact on mental health and vice versa which propelled her to purse a Doctorate in Nursing with a focus in Psychiatric Mental Health.  She believes as medicine continues to evolve, we have to meet patients where they are to provide the care they need and developed Restorative Health Care.

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